Wedding Ceremony Series: When Two Become One

Welcome to our new and first series on the blog! For the next few weeks, we are going to take our focus to the wedding ceremony and break down each piece for you. Styling your perfect wedding ceremony one step at a time.

wedding ceremony unity candleLast week our post was on the wedding ceremony alter. How to design the perfect space for your “I Do’s” can turn a memorable moment into a magical moment. This week, we are going to stay at the ceremony alter and talk about unity ceremony displays. As I work with our couples, we always take a moment to pause and reflect over the idea of a unity ceremony. Many officiates will include an excerpt of the ceremony to the joining of the two individuals. Unity ceremonies symbolize the combining of the two lives – two separate individuals, their families, their friends, and their individual lives prior to that moment. This tradition is a relatively new addition to the traditional wedding ceremony. Starting with the lighting of the unity candle, the tradition began to blossom into other unity ceremony ideas. Today, couples can choose from candles, sand, wine, rope, and many more options. We even have one couple creating their own tradition! For every couple, we want the wedding alter to be special and unique. 

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What will your wedding ceremony look like? Let us know on our Facebook page! Need assistance in creating a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony? Contact our wedding planning team today for a customized wedding quote. We can’t wait to see the wedding alters for this year’s wedding season!

Happy Planning!


Christy Hooker


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