The Inside Scoop! Why Hire A Professional Makeup Artist

Whether you’re a classic, glamorous, or vintage bride, there is a makeup look just for you! We have asked one of our most respected makeup artists in the industry to answer a few questions about wedding day makeup and what inspires her to be a makeup artist. Kirsty Wingfield of Richmond Makeup Artist, is one of many that we value in the wedding world! Check out what a makeup artist can do on your wedding day and the journey you will share while planning your big day!

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  1. Tell me about yourself! What made you want to be a makeup artist for a bridal party?

My name is Kirsty Wingfield with Richmond Make Up Artist. I have focused on Bridal make up for about 10 years now. I love being able to help my brides and their bridal party look and feel their best – and feel like themselves on the big day. Glamorous and flawless…. But themselves.

  1. How early would you recommend a bride contacting you for her wedding day?

At least 6-12 months before your wedding is the best – that way you can book and secure your date and timeline. 

  1. Do you offer makeup trials?

Yes – It’s very important for me to meet with the bride before her big day!

  1. If so, what is included in a trial?

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   The trial includes a full face makeup application and lashes.

  1. Should a bride bring her own make up or do you prefer to use your products?

I have all the products in my professional kit – I prefer to use my own since I know the quality, longevity and if they are waterproof!

  1. What is your favorite part about being a makeup artist?

I think mostly I love seeing the look on a lady’s face when they have had their makeup done and they feel beautiful. It’s awesome to be able to help someone else feel better about themselves.

  1. Do you offer any special or unique services?

I love to offer my clients a one on one individual makeup lesson as so many of my brides will ask if they can achieve this look themselves.  Another popular option is my “Make up Mixer “which is a makeup lesson in a group setting. Everyone brings their own make up so I can teach you to use what you have, help figure out what you need and teach different techniques and new products from my professional kit.

  1. Any advice that you would like to share with our brides?

I think it’s important to find your makeup artist early that way you have them booked for any events you need leading up to your wedding (engagement and bridal portraits) Also I feel having your make up done is such an intimate and personal event,  and it’s great to be able to personally connect with your makeup artist .

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How awesome is this! Kirsty really shows her passion for makeup and making woman feel beautiful! The way she can create a masterpiece on some of the most beautiful faces (that we call our lovely brides) is so precious. After all, who wouldn’t want to be pampered on their wedding day? Thank you, Kirsty, for letting us know the time sensitivities for booking your makeup artist as well as the process leading up to the wedding day!

If you are interested in more information on Kirsty with Richmond Makeup Artist, you can check out her website at or call her at 804-690-9309!


Happy Wedding Planning!


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