How To Re-purpose Your Wedding Décor


What? It’s already the two weeks into November? Where has the time gone? With all the fun we’ve had during the 2017 wedding season, there comes a time where every good thing has to come to an end. I know, it’s a sad but true fact that we all have to face! For you, recent Mrs., you have a new job that you may or may not have thought of pre-wedding day. With all the excitement and planning put into your big day, there was a lot of custom items and personal touches made to make your wedding day that much more special. However, those beautiful elements are now lingering in your dining room floor packed in boxes. And with the holiday season right around the corner, bulky boxes is not what is needed for entertaining in your new home. So, while you are anxiously waiting for those stunning wedding photos to arrive, take a look through our take on ways to repurpose your wedding décor.


Repurpose Vases Around the House

Let’s face it, you will always have left over vases. No matter if you used one on each dinner table or scattered beautiful arrangements throughout the venue, unless the vases were rented, it is now up to you to find a home for them. Just like your wedding, flowers liven up any space. You can put vases in any room and add real or silk flowers to add a splash of color. It’s an easy way to show your inner Interior Decorator without doing much work at all!




Mason Jars

With vintage barn weddings still holding true in Virginia, mason jars are a big part of any country girl’s décor set. Whether colored for your wedding or used clear, re-using mason jars in your home creates a rustic and farmhouse style that Joanna Gaines would love. You can either paint them white with a distressed finish and place them around the room with rich greens or keep them clear and use them as stemware for everyday use.



Repurpose Runners As Home Décor

Did you use custom runners in your wedding? Take the monogram or quote and frame it or have it made into a pillow to display in your home. You can also gift your table runners to friends and family or as a house warming gift for a friend. Runners also make nice displays and are functional throughout the entire house. Re-use them in holiday decorating on your mantle and even on your own table at home.




Donate Flower Arrangements

Although this is something that should ne done directly following the wedding, it is a wonderful way to share your wedding with those in a nursing home or hospice care. At Truly Yours, we always discuss with you prior to the wedding day about clean up afterwards. If you have family that you would like to distribute the flowers to we always make sure they go home with your family. However, if your family and guests are all out of town and are unable to travel with flower arrangements, we offer to collect all leftover arrangements and we deliver them to a local nursing home, hospice house, or charity local to your wedding. No flowers ever get thrown away after the wedding and others get to enjoy them as well!


Cake Trays and Platters

One of my favorite displays in a wedding is the cake or dessert display. With all the dimensions and creativity put into the display it almost looks to good to mess up. However, the treats that sit upon the display make the destruction all worth it. Many bakeries will rent out cake trays and platters, but if you are an entertainer like myself, purchase pieces that will go well in your own kitchen. A simple white ceramic set will go well in any kitchen and will provide a clean, simple, and elegant display for your wedding day!


Upcycled Furniture – Repurposing the Repurposed

With vintage modern being the trend of the season, it’s only natural to incorporate old furniture into your wedding décor. Bringing old pieces to life with a fresh coat of paint takes a lot of time, patience, and skill. Why not keep these pieces a little longer? Look at the pieces that you chose and find an inventive way to incorporate them into your home décor. Make it a display piece on an accent wall in the dining room or kitchen or as the dresser in your guest bedroom. You put all this time into creating this masterpiece, why not show it off? And the best part is, every time someone comments on the piece of furniture, you will get all the feels back of your special day!


Still unsure on what to do with your wedding décor? Schedule a time to talk to us and We would love to inspire you to live out your wedding day by surrounding your home with special memories.



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