Honoring Lost Loved Ones

The moment you get engaged you get the urge to tell everyone you know - mom, dad, siblings, grandparents. And you should! After all, you are about to celebrate the most wonderful day of your life! However, sometimes the one person you want to share in this joyous occasion is no longer around. With your wedding being one of the most important days of your life, you want to capture all the happy moments. We have collected a handful of different ways for you to share your most precious marriage while honoring your loved ones that have passed in recent years. Take a look below:


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A Rose in Their HonorIt is unfortunate when a parent of the bride or groom is deceased. Honor their memory with a single rose or small bouquet placed in the front row. This will symbolize their presence without announcing it to all your wedding guests. Letting it be seen amongst family members will show your respects with all your family involved as well. Just remember, seeing an empty seat while saying your vows may cause you to become a bit flustered. Ensure that you or your spouse will be okay with this prior to event day while the jitters and emotions are at their peak.

Wedding Favors

Did your loved one fight a battle with cancer? A donation in his or her honor to the American Cancer Society is a meaningful way to honor them. Or, did your grandma make the best homemade cookies? Make her famous cookie recipe and wrap up for each guest to enjoy a tasteful memory.

A Memorial Table

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Whether it is a grandparent, parent, sibling, or other family member cherish their presence by creating a memorial table at your reception. Have your wedding planner or designer set up pictures with a nice display on a central table where you and your guests can acknowledge their presence.

Dedicate A Dance

Even though it is a mournful moment, in their prime, they still knew how to bust a move! Have your band or DJ play his or her favorite song and dedicate that dance to them. Your guests will love celebrating their youthful life by singing and dancing along to the music.

Small Recognition in Your Ceremony Program

With loved ones gathered for the most important day of your life, let them know that you have not forgotten. Reserve a small portion of the ceremony program to note “In Memory Of”.

Light A Candle

A candle is always a special way to recognize the deceased. Light a single candle at your ceremony and then have your wedding planner relocate it next to your wedding cake during the reception. Use a flameless candle symbolizing their love and memory will last forever.

88 Love Stories

Wear Something that Reminds You of Them

If the loss is recent or you just want to be modest about the memory, wearing a piece of their jewelry or piece of clothing is a subtle way for you to cherish their presence. Your grandmother’s pearl necklace or brooch will make a delicate touch to your wedding day ensemble. You can even incorporate it into your bridal bouquet. Choose an old handkerchief, scarf, a piece of their wedding gown, or his favorite tie and have your florist use it to wrap around your bouquet holding it all together.



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