Happy Anniversary Bryan and Christy!

Today I am sharing a little different story than my typical stories. Instead of just sharing wedding planning tips to help you on your wedding day, I am sharing a special story of my own – my wedding. Today marks the two year’s of marriage for Bryan and I. This time, instead of planning tips from a wedding planner’s point of view, I take a voice as the bride on her wedding day! All photos in this post are from our own wedding and were taken by the fabulous 88 Love Stories.

So, where to begin? Bryan and I got married on Sunday, November 15, 2015 at The Williamsburg Winery. Our reception was held at The Williamsburg Golf Club! For my wedding, I wanted something elegant, vintage, and intimate. However, I have a super large family – no joke! So, small and intimate wasn’t going to cut it! While searching for our venue, we knew we wanted an outdoor ceremony, but due to November in Virginia, an indoor reception was the way to go! Although the room at the Williamsburg Winery is stunning, the ballroom at the Williamsburg Golf Club had everything I wanted. Open, airy, and bright. Our wedding was a morning ceremony with a brunch reception to follow. After all, what is Sunday afternoon without a Sunday brunch? Our wedding colors were hues of purple, gray, and ivory.


So, what kind of tips am I sharing today? As a bride, you learn a lot after the wedding is over. I know, that’s probably the worst time to learn the in’s and out’s about a wedding, so I am tackling these points for you before your wedding day approaches! Take a look at a bride’s list of helpful tips for your wedding day.


Tip #1: Don’t worry about the little things. As a planner, we know the importance of a professional wedding vendor team. On our wedding day, two of our coordinators stepped up and set up everything for us, so Bryan and I could enjoy our special day!

Since designing is one of my favorite aspects of the wedding, this was a challenge for me. So, my tip: if you have a vision that you want to come to life within your décor – hire a professional planner that will know exactly what you want. When I walked out of those big castle doors at the winery, I knew that everything I had envisioned was right there. Everything was exactly what I wanted! I was so thankful that I could relax and actually enjoy my Starbuck’s latte the morning of the wedding.


Tip #2: Soak in Every Minute! It really is true what they say – the wedding day will be over before you know it. From the 4 am hair appointment (again, morning ceremony!) to the toss of the bouquet, I knew it had to come to an end. I remember during our brunch I asked Bryan if we could make this a monthly thing…thanks for humoring me that day babe! In all seriousness though, don’t stress about where you need to go or when – soak in all that is happening: the entrance, the getting ready, the vows, the first kiss, the food, the music, the lighting, the dancing on the dance floor, the list goes on and on!


Tip #3: Who cares if the ring bearer falls asleep. Let’s face it, when you add young kids into any equation you’ve got to consider all factors. As I said before, I have a large family. Every year it continues to grow, and I am forever grateful. Because of that, I just had to include all of my nieces and nephews in the ceremony. At the time, they were all pretty young. With a morning ceremony, naptime became an obstacle that we just couldn’t avoid. Although one was running throughout the ceremony and another was being held by a bridesmaid, I can honestly say – I had NO CLUE! And guess what, neither will you! Let kids be kids and just focus on the hunk standing right in front of you!


Tip #4: Let Your Vendors Do Their Job While all of our wedding vendors are “friendors” of ours, they all took care of us and reminded us to enjoy the day. Just like you don’t tell your doctor how to cure your illness, don’t tell your wedding professionals how to do their job. There is a reason they have earned your trust, built a company from the ground up, and charge the amount they do! You hired these professionals for a reason, so sit back and enjoy every minute. After 6 months to a year of planning, you have built a bond, friendship, and most importantly trust in this individual to follow through and execute everything you have discussed. If something is not happening according to plan, speak with your planner or day of coordinator and she or he will address the issue.


So, there are my helpful tips from a wedding planner in the bride’s shoes. I hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me! Take a look at our video from Keith Reagan Films.

Now let’s talk about your wedding day! What will be your favorite part of your special day? Share with me by sending an email to Christy@eventsbytrulyyours.com.

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